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October 8 - 10, 2004 • Palm Springs, California

Our Fabulous Speakers
These were the speakers for April 2004. We'll announce the speakers for October 8-10, 2004 when they are available.

Our Speakers Will Elevate and Inspire You to Your Greatness

You'll create your compelling vision, develop your brand, form your success teams, balance your life, and learn revolutionary sales and marketing techniques.

Your Entrepreneurial Success Plan

You'll leave the Expo with an Entrepreneurial Success Plan and hit the ground running. You can do what you love and share your gifts with the world. Now you can finally bust through the roadblocks holding you back and realize your dreams!

Sheila Cluff

Risk Taking
Passion, Persistence,
Professionalism and Power

"All the dreaming and planning are useless if you're not a risk taker. I drive that point home - especially to women. We have to throw the dice."

Sheila Cluff is a risk-taker. In 1979, while raising four children, she mortgaged her house, cars and her husband Don's pension to start her fitness spas, The Oaks at Ojai and The Palms at Palm Springs. Sheila constantly worried about her children's future. If her businesses failed, their education would be lost. She worked around the clock to fend off bankruptcy and then one day her husband arrived home with a bottle of champagne announcing their first profit--$95. Eventually, that $95 turned into a multi-million dollar business. Would she do it all over again? "Absolutely," she declares. "The pain, the guilt, all of it-there's no other way to make it to the top."

You'll learn:  

• How to Turn Your Passion into Profit

Conquer Fear, Shyness and Other Obstacles

Practice Lifetime Learning

Get the Attention of the Media

• Effective Leadership

Do What You Love and Share Your Gifts with the World

Sheila Cluff is the owner of sister spas, The Oaks at Ojai and The Palms at Palm Springs, in addition to being president and founder of Fitness Inc., Fit Two and Health Holidays Inc. She introduced "Cardiovascular Dance" to the world in the l950's which today is known simply as "aerobics". Sheila has authored four books, hosted her own television show and writes several syndicated columns on fitness. She is the 68-year old mother of four and grandmother of four who lives the fabulous lifestyle she teaches.

Mimi Donaldson

Power Up!
The 6 M's of Success


"The best way to be bold is to laugh at life, and at yourself! People are bold when they feel confident and competent. It's easier to be bold when you know what you're doing.
If you can laugh at it, it won't get you."


Mimi Donaldson has been heralded as one of the most popular and entertaining female public speakers in the United States. Mimi may stand just over five feet, but her energy is bigger than life. People love Mimi because although she may look like a living doll, she is REAL.

Her life mission now is on a grand scale: she is devoted to inspiring and motivating others to be the best they can be.

You'll learn:  

• 6 M's for Success

The Best Way to Motivate Yourself and Others

Avoid the 5 Pitfalls that Throw Us Off-Course
How to Push Your "Pause Button" to Keep Your Emotions in Check

Mimi is the co- author of the best selling book, Negotiating for Dummies, making her an internationally sought-after expert in a myriad of aspects of both business and human interaction.

Mimi frequently shares the stage with the most prominent speakers in the world, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Elizabeth Dole, Katie Couric, Joan Lunden, Maya Angelou, and Suze Orman.

Wendy Robbins

How to Bring Your
Product to Market
and Build Your
Multi-Million Dollar Business


"Five years ago I was $10,000 in debt. Now I own a company valued at $10 million dollars."


Wendy Robbins was a kid who sold the squares of the chocolate bar for 5 cents each when the whole bar was only a dime. She left home at 14, sold drugs, ended up in Juvenile Hall for stealing and was headed down a messed up path. Her 6th grade teacher saw something in her and helped her to see options.

Five years ago, she and Jorli McLain started everythingforlove.com Inc. after developing "The Tingler", the ultimate head massager. With no experience, credit cards maxed out, after making every mistake, they made millions in less than two years. It took $10,000 to start the business. It was recently valued at $10 million.

The products are now available in 3,500 stores, catalogs, QVC, and Bath and Bodyworks. They have sold about 1 million head massagers, and are developing International distribution.

You'll learn:  

• How to develop and sell your products and inventions

Pre-sales of the product from prototypes

• How to super-size your goals

• Bring spirituality to your business


Everythingforlove.com has been featured on countless shows including Live with Regis and Kelly, CNN, Legally Blonde 2, MTV, Rosie, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Leno, Will and Grace,  and Sex and the City. You may have seen their products featured in InStyle, Glamour, Seventeen, Shape, Grace, Spa, Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, LA Times, and Health Magazine.

  Linda Hollander  

Wealthy Bag Lady's

7 Secrets for Success

How to Be Your Own Boss
for the Rest of Your Life

"Being an entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to live your passionate life, make a contribution to the world, discover your greatness and realize your dreams."

Linda Hollander has become known as the "Wealthy Bag Lady". She started out with nothing but mounting debt, abusive relationships and a very bleak future. Somehow she managed to turn her life around by launching a successful packaging company called The Bag Ladies.

As the author of the #1 Amazon best-seller, Bags to Riches: 7 Success Secrets for Women in Business, Linda has become the industry leader in teaching entrepreneurial women how to get over their stumbling blocks and realize their dreams. Her powerful success strategies will change your life forever. More...

You'll learn:

How to Capitalize on Your Feminine Strengths

Marketing and Sales Techniques that will Skyrocket your Business

How to Avoid the Most Common Business Blunders

Surefire Growth Strategies for Tough Times

Tips for Being Creative, Solving Problems and Taking Risks
How to Get Over Shyness, Fear of Rejection and Other Stumbling Blocks and Find the Courage to Move Ahead with Your Dreams!

Linda Hollander, the Wealthy Bag Lady, is an author and international speaker. She has devoted herself to helping women achieve the financial independence and unshakable self-confidence that comes with the ownership of a successful small business.  Her clients include Disney, Cisco Systems, Mattel, Universal Studios, Nissan, Yamaha, Sony, Revlon, Dunn Edwards Paints, Sanyo Fisher, Avery Dennison, Day Runner, Columbia Tri Star, CBS, Robinson's May, Casio Phone Mate, Gold's Gym, City of Hope, Union Bank, ASCAP, Powerade, Kaiser Permanente, IBM, Spelling Television, Edison, Variety, Ocean Spray, Sears and Infiniti.

Pauline Diaz

Access to Capital
Special Financing for
Women-Owned Businesses

"To get the money you need, It's key for you to get the knowledge of what's out there in terms of financing and access to capital. I can help you do that."

While poor management is cited most frequently as the reason businesses fail, inadequate or ill-timed financing is a close second. Whether you're starting a business or expanding one, sufficient ready capital is essential, as well as the knowledge and planning required to manage it well.


As a loan consultant for the Small Business Development Center, Pauline Diaz has helped entrepreneurs understand financing options. In her innovative Access to Capital workshops, she provides business owners with the knowledge and planning required to seek and obtain the right type of financing for their businesses, so they can realize their dreams and grow.

You'll learn:  

General types of financing options

Specific SBA guaranteed loan programs

How to go beyond the "5 C's" bankers are looking for each time they make a loan

Putting together and preparing a loan proposal

Dawn Holman

Create Expert Status
Increase Your Profile and Profits by Getting More Media

"Every moment that you avoid marketing, there's someone out there 'just doing it', learning as they go, and making millions."

Having coached hundreds of clients over the past 17 years, Dawn Holman discovered that the single biggest reason most women do not achieve financial independence, much less fame and fortune, boils down to a universal and underlying point of resistance:


"I love my business but I hate 'getting out there' to sell myself."

So, if you are ready to rise above the noise in today's marketplace, then Create Expert Status is your answer. Securing powerful media exposure and captivating audience "mindshare" at a fraction of the cost of paid advertising.

Here's what you'll learn:

Crack the code and be recognized as an authority in your field. Gain the "celebrity edge".
Get everyone talking. about you, about your business, about your product and service.

Position your name as "the word on the street" so you and your product or service are seen as the solution to a client's particular problem.

Elevate your credibility through the power of the media in the eyes of decision- makers within your marketplace

Increase your professional fees. Shorten the sales cycle for your products and services. Even pre-sell prospects with fewer or no face-to-face meetings before clients decide to hire you.

Generate spin-off opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

Dawn Holman has been a successful entrepreneur since 1984, the year she founded her first PR and media relations firm. Driven by a promise to a close friend who died of cancer, she also created an international award-winning audio/book series for people with various forms of this life-threatening illness. This series as well as Dawn's later works have touched the lives of millions and have also received coverage by major media throughout North America and Europe. A regular guest herself, Dawn knows first-hand how to work the media for her clients.

Stephanie Frank

Internet Wealth

"Entrepreneurs are making millions of dollars everyday on the Internet. Why not you? Why not now?"

Stephanie Frank became a high-tech millionaire at age 22. For over 15 years, Stephanie, founder of The Rich Living Way, has inspired and lead thousands of entrepreneurs down the path of abundant Internet wealth.

Although the early dot coms got a lot of things wrong, they got one thing right--There is a lot of money to be made online. Stephanie Frank's NetProfit System and motivational personal story of rising from a college dropout to a multi-million dollar business owner has inspired women around the world to grab hold of their dreams and make them a reality.

You'll learn:

The NetProfits System

How to Build Massive Traffic

The Best Email Marketing Strategies

The Most Profitable Sites on the Internet

Keywords and Tags that Spark Online Orders

Search Engine Strategies

How to Convert the Lookie Loos into Sales

Lisa Cherney

Marketing Strategies to
Attract Your Ideal Clients

"A 'Knock 'Em Conscious' marketing approach reveals your passion, attracts your Ideal Clients and brings you joy, which nearly guarantees your success!"

Awaken your business passion, claim your Ideal Client and define your unique benefits. Lisa Cherney's Conscious Marketing's strategies will show you how to get out of your own way and connect with what is already within you to love your business, serve your clients and eliminate the competition.

In this interactive session, Lisa Cherney will help you define how you will change the lives of your clients and meet their core needs.  

If you define your ideal client, that is who you will attract. Don't settle for less!

You will leave this interactive discussion with answers to the following questions:

• What are the unique benefits of your business?

• Who is your ideal client?

• How does it feel to work with them?

• Why do they need you?

Lisa Cherney is an Intuitive Marketing Coach and President of Conscious Marketing. A dynamic speaker, Lisa has spoken to thousands of business owners' and helped them tap into their intuition and market their businesses with an 'Inside Out' approach. Lisa held marketing and training positions at Fortune 500 companies like AT&T and Lipton for 15 years. She was also a senior account executive at leading advertising agencies serving clients like Nissan and Land O'Lakes.

Linda Clemons

Power Networking
Fast-Track Your Goals with
Success Teams

"All of the successful people I know have an amazing power network around them. When you learn how to work a room, create lasting connections and develop your success teams, the sky's the limit!" 

Linda Clemons is a Networking Maven. She runs the Sistah Posse, a networking group for women of all colors and Sisterpreneur. Linda is a television and radio personality appearing as the Bargain Diva on FOX television and hosting Sister Talk Radio.

Linda has motivated women across the country to reach their optimal potential by success teams. Get ready to have some fun while Linda releases the "power networker" in you so that you can form lasting connections for your business and your life.

You'll learn:

Techniques on How to Work a Room

The Best Ways to Run Your Mastemind Teams

How to Fill Any Workshop You Teach

Ways to Turn Contacts into Contracts

Carlos Conejo

Take Your Business
to the Next Level
Develop Emerging
Multicultural Markets

"Even Microsoft started out as a small business. If you tap into the new diversity growth communities, you'll get the competitive edge and see your business grow!"

Carlos Conejo has worked with Fortune 500 companies and can tell you how to grow your business to the next level of profitability and financial freedom.

Carlos owns Multicultural Associates which specializes in developing sound values-driven business strategies for penetrating and growing the new multicultural markets. His new book, Motivating Hispanic Employees has been highly acclaimed as a breakthrough management tool.

You'll learn:

How to Attract Top Performers

How to Motivate Your Yourself and Your Staff

How to Build Your Customer Base by Tapping Into Growth Communities with Buying Power

Program subject to change without notice.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the the Women's Peace Campaign


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