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October 8 - 10, 2004 • Palm Springs, California


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We arrived in beautiful Palm Springs, California and were greeted by Linda Hollander, the founder of the Women’s Small Business Expo, also known as the “Wealthy Bag Lady”.

She told us that the Women’s Small Business Expo would be different than any other conference we’ve ever attended. Boy, was she right!

Singer Jeri Lynne and Genevieve Peters

Genevieve Peters, Rochelle Forrest and Aun Em

Mimi Donaldson and Ronda Strand

We immediately rose to our feet and danced to Ladies’ Night and Let’s Get This Party Started. Linda Hollander, the Wealthy Bag Lady, told us that we were going to hear fabulous speakers and see a great vendor showcase, but that’s not all. There was an Entrepreneurial Success Plan right in the program book. We made some long-range goals and goals for the weekend. We also wrote specific actions to achieve those goals. We went way beyond the traditional networking and actually formed Success Teams that would support each other and fast-track our goals.

Linda Hollander and Linda Clemons

A Success Team in Action
Linda Clemons set the tone for the spirit of sisterhood by having us play networking games.

Networking Bingo allowed us to meet many other fabulous women and make many new “sister friends”.
The Conga Line

Networking Bingo was a blast!

Charitable Donations

Dr. Nina Craft of the Women's Peace Campaign
and Linda Hollander

The Women's Small Business Expo raised over $2,500 for women in need, including $1,200 for our charitable partner, the Women's Peace Campaign.

The Women's Peace Campaign was founded by Dr. Nina Craft, to empower women who have suffered in silence from domestic abuse.

When we found out that some of our "sister friends" came to the Expo in need, Linda Clemons initiated an impromptu collection. Over $1,300 was raised to help these women get past their temporary roadblocks of bankruptcy and homelessness so they can go for their dreams.

Women's Small Business Expo
4214 Glencoe Avenue
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
866-Women-Biz (866-966-3624)

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